Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal Disease is a common yet often painless condition, bacterial in origin and modified by many factors, both genetic and environmental, can occur across all age groups, with smokers being particularly vulnerable due to compromised host defence and tissue vascularity.


“Gingivitis” refers to inflammation and infection of the superficial (gingival) tissue surrounding teeth, is reversible and managed by improved levels of plaque control alone.

“Periodontitis” in contrast is an irreversible condition in which the supporting (periodontal) tissues become infected and progressively destroyed. The condition is often phasic in nature and depending on severity, can lead to ultimate tooth loss.

Successful management is dependent upon careful and thorough debridement of teeth and disinfection of supporting tissues, performed at regular intervals often by trained Hygienists and Therapists under the guidance of a Dentist. In advanced and or non-responsive cases, specialist referral to a Periodontist is often recommended.

Course of Action At Dental Sense we will initially complete comprehensive clinical and radiographic examination, so as to assess extent and severity of disease progression, before treatment recommendations can be made. Mild to moderate cases are usually treated in house, whilst refractory and or advanced cases are best managed at specialist level.

Do you provide a warranty? We provide a 3-year warranty against mechanical failure for all treatment provided, assuming patients comply with treatment plans in their entirety, with work being replaced at health fund rebate or equivalent.