Endodontics / Root Canal

Endodontics is that field of dentistry concerned with management of the dental pulp (nerve) and encompasses procedures ranging form conservative management for dental trauma to complex surgical procedures performed under high magnification at specialist level.


At Dental Sense, we can assess and manage a variety of pulpal complications including those associated with dental trauma, reversible and irreversible pulpitis (acute pain) and bleaching procedures for discoloured endodontically treated teeth. Trauma and acute pain patients will always be seen on the day.

Course of Action At Dental Sense we will initially complete comprehensive clinical and radiographic examination, and provide emergency pain relief when required. Limitations and risks associated with treatment will be discussed and where indicated, specialist referral arranged.

Do you provide a warranty? We provide a 3-year warranty against mechanical failure for all treatment provided, assuming patients comply with treatment plans in their entirety, with work being replaced at health fund rebate or equivalent.