Dental Implants

Implant dentistry refers to the integration between living bone and titanium implants (fixtures) by a process called ‘osseointegration’.

Since the first case was completed in 1965, there have been significant advances in the field, particularly in the past five to ten years.

Implants can be used to retain crowns, bridges, dentures, maxillofacial prostheses as well as help simplify certain orthodontic procedures.

The main benefits of implant supported restorations over conventional approaches such as tooth supported bridges and dentures include preservation of hard and soft tissues, highly predictable success rates, free standing with functional levels comparable to those of the natural dentition.

Although there are a variety of brands and designs available, we at Dental Sense prefer to support the Nobel Biocare range of products.

Course of Action At Dental Sense we will initially complete comprehensive clinical and radiographic examination, obtaining mounted diagnostic casts and wax-up where necessary, to facilitate assessment and treatment planning. In the case of implant-supported restorations, additional specialist consultation with either a Periodontist or Maxillofacial Surgeon will be necessary.

Do you provide a warranty? We provide a 3-year warranty against mechanical failure for all treatment provided, assuming patients comply with treatment plans in their entirety, with work being replaced at health fund rebate or equivalent.