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Did you know we Bulk Bill kids eligible for the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule?

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Kids Dentist in Midland

Paediatric dentistry refers to dentistry for the child and adolescent.

Paediatric dentistry encompasses a broad range of treatments. These range from simple procedures to encourage normal dental development, to complex restoration of badly broken down teeth. Therefore, they can often require the assistance of specialist Paedodontists and or sedationist.

Obviously patient age, demeanour and treatment needs will determine what care can be provided in the dental chair. Also In some cases we may recommend the use of Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) to help calm nervous patients. Our primary aim however, is to ensure a positive experience that one can then build upon in years to come.

Depending on child and treatment requirements, the dentist may also request parents and or guardians wait in reception during clinical appointments.

Course of Action
  • Initially, we will perform a comprehensive clinical examination (including x-rays, where appropriate)
  • Sedation: If required we will schedule an introductory appointment
  • Management can be schedule in house as long as treatment needs are not deemed excessive given patient age (and if the child feels safe and comfortable)
  • Finally, a specialist referral will be made if it is deemed that the treatment needs are too excessive
Do you bulk bill?

We will bulk bill kids who are eligible for the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule. They must be with in their $1,000 and also the treatment must fit with in the guidelines. For more information Click Here

Do you provide a warranty?

For all treatment provided, and where patients have complied with treatment plans in their entirety, we also provide a 3-year warranty against mechanical failure*. Speak to one of our staff about the terms and conditions of our warranty


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