Dr Marc Nalder, Dr Tim Lego and Team at Dental Sense have developed a unique, somewhat total body approach to dental care.

Of primary interest are factors beyond the tooth and how these in turn can influence varying patterns of dental breakdown. As oral health mirrors systemic health, we adopt a more holistic approach when individualising patient treatment requirements.

We aim to address patient concerns within context of contemporary dental care. Treatment success implies not only addressing presenting signs and symptoms, but also managing underlying cause.

Dental care at this level demands experienced clinicians, excellent support staff, operating at high standards in purpose built facilities utilising state of the art equipment and materials. Emphasis is placed on detailed assessment, treatment planning, informed consent, and where necessary specialist referral.

Appointments are structured to deliver care at the highest possible standards in a relaxed and caring environment. With this approach, Dental Sense has become renown.

Dental Sense; the sensible approach to dental care.